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Geography @ SLE

Geography is a subject which holds the key to our future.
- Michael Palin

Adventure with a purpose!


At Shortlanesend School we strive to ensure our Geography curriculum is designed to inspire and encourage curiosity and knowledge about the world and its people that will remain with our children throughout their lives.

Our children will discover and investigate a range of places, both in Cornwall, in Britain and abroad to help develop knowledge and understanding of the Earth’s physical and human processes.  Our immersive curriculum enables constant opportunities to investigate and enquire about our local area, our nation, our planet which leads to our children to develop an understanding of who they are, their heritage and what makes our different areas of our world so unique and special.

Sequential planning of learning provides our children with strong geographical knowledge, good enquiry skills, the ability to use a range of maps, the skills to collect and analyse data and the ability to communicate information confidently in a variety of ways.

We want the children to have a natural love of geographical learning, gaining knowledge and skills through a range of quality learning experiences both inside and outside the classroom aimed at allowing our children to Smile - Learn - Excel in their geography education.


Our knowledge rich curriculum allows for a constant and sequential opportunities for children to build on prior knowledge and skills year on year.  The geography curriculum will be taught to encourage questioning. Our curriculum is challenging, inspiring, creative, nurturing and encourages active learning. Children will revisit geographical skills and knowledge in order to embed and deepen understanding. With the constant theme of know more, remember more, and understand more.

Learning opportunities are carefully planned to ensure that all children are well supported in their learning and that opportunities for depth is planned for.  Lesson are linked to other areas of the curriculum wherever possible to immerse children into their learning. Each Autumn term has a geographical theme. Progression of skills and knowledge is carefully monitored to ensure that children develop their understanding and knowledge without leaving any potential gaps.

Field work is an important area of education, especially in geography; therefore our planning seeks to maximise outdoor learning learning opportunities for all our children.

The journey begins in nursery, where our children explore the similarities and differences between the outside and inside world, noting instances of repeated actions such as rolling a ball down a pipe or dropping a stone in water and natural phenomena of the outside world. Further to this, children will begin to notice differences between people, places and materials.

This will be built upon with children being taught directional language in order to begin developing conversations around place and location. This language will be further used to make observations regarding different places and recreate such observations within the context of their given play. Our children will begin to observe, note and discuss seasonal changes, care for our natural world and patterns between human and physical geography through simple vocabulary. All geography in our nursery will be explored though a diverse range of props, books and photos as a stimulus with use of the five senses. 

In reception, our children begin to understand that they live within Shortlanesend (a village) and Cornwall (county) and be able to point at them on simple maps. Through their continuous provision, children learn to appreciate differences between people, cultures and environments so that they can compose simple maps and drawings. Children will be able to compare places by using geographical resources such as simple maps and aerial photographs. 



The impact of our geography curriculum is that our children leave us at the end of Year 6 equipped with:

  • the geographical skills and knowledge that will enable them to continue to learn and for life as an adult in the wider world.
  • ability to pose questions and implement a investigation process to discover answers
  • the ability to discuss their knowledge and understanding confidently through a range of media
  • compare and contrast their life with that of different people around the planet
  • understand what makes their local area unique
  • know more - remember more and understand more in Geography

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