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English @ SLE

At Shortlanesend School every child will learn to love reading regardless of barriers, background and previous experiences.
We are passionate about reading and children's access to books. We have a designated librarian in Mrs Rounsevell - who makes sure we have an up date choice of reading material - always involving the children's input.

There are weekly shared story sessions for KS1 and KS2. We hold termly reading workshops for each class to enable children and adults to enjoy the sensation of sharing a book together. All teachers still read, entertain and thrill their classes with whole class reading. We celebrate world book day every year with a variety of activities. Mr Wilson, our head, shares a story with KS1 children every week on a Monday morning.

Building on a love of reading, we strive to teach English  both as a discrete subject and cross curricular. Guided Reading and focused sentence level work may be taught outside the normal English lesson. English is at the heart of curriculum planning so that subject matter from other curriculum areas is available as content or stimulus for speaking, listening, reading and writing. All curriculum areas will involve some aspects of English.
Below is our English curriculum plan - where we strive to link our story and text types to our class topics.
As with all of our practices at Shortlanesend School, we are always reflecting and striving to improve. During 2017-18 we are targeting the teaching of Spelling, Punctuation and Grammar. We have organised our timetables to provide short daily focused sessions on all three areas. Read, Write Inc is used to supplement learning in the lower classes of the school - There have been parent information evenings to enable improved and understanding support from home.
Below is a link to the National Curriculum Appendix 2 - which will provide further understanding of terms.