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Ethos, Aims & Values

Our School Aims

The aims of Shortlanesend School (SLE for short) can be summed up in three words – Smile – Learn – Excel.

Everything we plan and achieve is guided by the ethos of ensuring that every child at SLE is happy, feels comfortable, safe and well cared for (Smile), enjoys an immersive, inspiring and personalised curriculum (Learn); which also encourages them to reflect, refine and improve their performance across the curriculum to confidently shine at our school, and beyond into life (Excel).

To enable all our children to Smile we aim to provide:

  • a secure, respectful, caring and stimulating learning environment
  • an ethos of support, encouragement and challenge to succeed
  • learning partnerships between school, home and the wider community
  • opportunities to develop and maintain high self-esteem – respecting themselves, others and the environment

To enable our children to Learn effectively we encourage them all to:

  • develop thinking and enquiring minds with a strong and natural curiosity
  • become highly motivated and life-long learners
  • be able to work independently and collaboratively
  • recognise their capabilities and expand their individual potential in all areas of the curriculum
  • advance and gain confidence in their technological skills

To enable our children to Excel we encourage them all to:

  • extend themselves, intellectually, morally, physically, aesthetically, culturally and spiritually
  • maximise the learning opportunities our curriculum offers and extend their interests beyond school
  • strive for continuous improvement in all that they achieve by constantly reflecting on – How they learn more, remember more and understand more

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