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Stories and Assemblies

1st March - Mr Wilson reads The Little Elf and the Flowers of Hope and Bravery. Adapted from a story from Nottinghamshire Eductational Psychology Service - Designed to help nervous children return to school - or simply to just enjoy!
22nd February - What connects frogs, milk and NASA? Listen to Mr Wilson and find the answer!
22nd February - Mr Wilson reads Aliens Love Underpants 
8th February - Mr Wilson reads Arlie and The Witch of Hookety Crook by Charlie Claydon. A story for all ages with a strong message about coping strategies when things don't feel like they normally do.
8th February - Mr Wilson chats about the strategies that Arlie discovered in the story, and how we might adapt them to support ourselves.
Mainly for Class 3 - Mr Wilson reads Spotty Powder - a lost chapter of Charlie and the Chocolate Factory by Roald Dahl.
As part of Children's Mental Health Week, Mr Wilson demonstrates his art ability by showing how important a Feelings Picture could be in helping ourselves and others understand our emotions. 
1st February - Mr Wilson reads I Love You Little Monkey
1st February Mr Wilson reads Licked by Paul Jennings (Part 1) and confesses to a naughty incident from his childhood. The theme is promises, and how difficult it can be to keep them.
25th January - Mr Wilson reads Lazy Lion.
25th January Mr Wilson reads The Nest by Michael Rosen (Part 1) The them is being comfortable with who you are. Be cool, be you!
25th January Mr Wilson reads The Nest by Michael Rosen (Part 2) - Warning! This part of the story also contains Mr Wilson's most horrible and grotesque memory in teaching. Watch with caution!
18th January - Mr Wilson reads Trumpet - The Little Elephant with a Big Temper
18th January - Mr Wilson reads No Mules - Linked to Martin Luther King Day 
Mr Wilson reads Eddie and the Car - by request.
Mr Wilson reads - Madgy Figgy's Pig
Story written by Will Coleman
Mr Wilson reads - Is it bedtime Wibbly Pig?
Written and illustrated by Mick Inkpen
Dinosaurs Love Underpants by Claire Freedman & Ben Cort.
Read by Mrs Stanhope
Mrs Parker reads - The Dance of the Dinosaurs
Mr Easter reads Oi Frog
Mrs Lewis reads Supertato Carnival catastro-pea!
Eddie and Supermarket by Michael Rosen, read by Mr Wilson
Mrs Lewis is back today reading Hairy Mclary’s bone by Lynley Dodd
The Button Box by Margarette S. Reid.  Read by Mrs Stanhope
Five Minutes Peace by Jill Murphy. Read by Mrs Stanhope
The Register read by Mr Wilson - especially for Class 5
Slightly adapted from a poem by Michael Rosen to include familiar names from last year's Year 6.
Mr Wilson performs The Trip - adapted from a poem by Michael Rosen - again with characters last year's Year 6 should recognise. Hope you enjoy!

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