Spring Term 2022

Class Information

Happy new year! I hope you all had a wonderful Christmas and are looking forward to another exciting term in class Lynher.

PE will be on a Monday and a Thursday. Could I please ask that you wear your PE kit on the day, as the weather gets colder it may be required that you wear warm outdoor clothing for example; joggers or bring an additional jumper. 

Homework will start on Monday 10th December. Could I please request that all homework books are returned to school every Friday alongside your child/ children’s reading record. This is so we can monitor your child’s reads to ensure they receive their key ring once they have achieved 25 reads. Homework books will be returned marked on a Friday.

As ever, if you need anything or wish to discuss something please contact the office so we can timetable an appointment.

Many thanks,

Miss E Eddison

Lost in a Book is our whole school theme this term. Within that theme, our exciting topic is…

Harry Potter and the Philosopher's Stone.

Using their imaginations, Lynher will be travelling to Hogwarts this term, immersing themselves into the book by being chosen one-by-one to be sorted into their new house by the sorting hat. The children will complete their first flying lesson outside by imagining flying on a broomstick using hockey sticks. They will then know what made a good broomstick so will design their own including description around their drawing. They will complete some outdoor and active learning playing the game ‘Quidditch’. The children will also take part in a potion lesson- exploring different ingredients that they could use, presenting their ideas to the class.

For further detail, please have a look at our curriculum map for this term. 

Please find below the maths curriculum map for both year 4 and year 5. 
Hello everyone,
Here is the Year 4 and Year 5 calculation policy. This outlines examples of how core maths is taught at Shortlanesend. Please refer to this for home learning and homework support. 
Many thanks,
Miss Eddison

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