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School Internet safety

Each class focuses on promoting safe and sensible use of the internet, relevant to the age group.
Each year we support 'Internet safety day' alongside the work we do all year around.
As parents, it is important that you are aware of the dangers children face using their devices: having parental controls turned on, limiting screen time and being aware of what your child is accessing can really make a difference in promoting safe online use.
With the rise in number of children having their own phone, accessing social media platforms and regularly using sites such as YouTube, they are becoming more exposed to inappropriate content or channels promoting negative body image and popularity 'likes.' 
We as adults need to be role modelling suitable use of these sites and having discussions with our children about the reality of social media and how it can affect people in different ways.
Attached are some useful resources and information about how you can support your child. The internet is an amazing tool when used safely and effectively so together we can ensure this is how it should be used.

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