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Coronavirus (Covid-19) catch-up premium

Shortlanesend School Catch-Up Funding Plan 2020-21


Implementation evidence base

How we intend to measure impact

Increase regular small group support during lessons with follow up intervention in order to maximise and accelerate progress.  

This will enable children who are assessed as working towards expected standards not to fall further behind – whilst narrowing the gap between them and their peers. Focus on DFE Ready To Progress documentation for maths and reading comprehension skills for English. Targeted input of Phonics in Year One and Two also identified as a need.

Check the progress over time of individual children through quantitative and qualitative measures.

Purchase Online Platforms

Targeted learning to individual children inside and outside the lesson. If classes/school or individual absent - software immensely powerful for continuation of learning.

School has a pre-ordered IT support scheme in place – Parents request loan of Chromebook in advance.

Monitor use of platform. Assess progress of learning, especially in identified gaps.  

Purchase of resources – especially reading

Improved access to quality reading material will improve reading understanding and knowledge. Noticeable discrepancies following return from lock-down between children who have reading input and those who haven’t. On investigation through pupil conferencing – availability of resources was identified as a key factor.

Monitor use of platform.

1:1 Reading sessions to be assessed to show progress with targeted children.


Comprehension performances assessed for progress.

Purchase of resources – Power Maths

High quality resources purchased  to ensure that identified gaps in children’s learning can be tackled in school - either as part of the main teaching, or as intervention; plus resources can be used to support parents wishing to provide further learning out of school

Check the progress over time of individual children through quantitative and qualitative measures.


Use pupil conferencing to assess impact.

Training of TAs

Questioning in Maths – to enable TAs to encourage a deeper and fuller understanding of mathematics in children. Identified as a school issue form learning walks and book scrutinies held this term.

RWI training for new staff and refresher training for established teachers – investing in high quality teaching provision.

Performance management and observations used to monitor impact of training.


Progress in RWI of individuals and groups monitored.

Running of SATs preparation sessions from 8:00 am until 8:45 – 4 days a week. Provision will switch to Year 5 following scheduled SATs (May) .



Successful in past at improving confidence and technique and enabling extended progress in performance of tests.

Monitoring of performance in practice tests from baseline set in October.

TIS provision for 1:1 and groups

Allow release time of TIS Practitioners to identify vulnerable children and form programs of strategies which link with practical activities known to support emotional development and to heal troubled children’s minds and improve their ability to learn.

Use of Motional to monitor progress.


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