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Class 5

Hi everyone.
Please find above the 'Coming back to school' leaflet.
Hope you are all safe and well and Mrs Light and I look forward to seeing you on Monday.
Hello everyone,
Just a quick note to say have wonderful it has been to welcome all of your children back to school and to Class 5. They have all settled back into school life amazingly well and myself and Mrs Light are incredibly proud of all of them. They come in each day smiling and have taken all of the changes in their stride with maturity and responsibility.
Hello all.
As we move through this term I will be uploading a weekly timetable and associated works on to the website, as well as google classroom.
Please keep this in mind if your child/ren are away from school for any period of time.
Many thanks,
Mr. Easter
Please find the planning and timetable for week commencing 28.09.20
Mr Easter
Hi everyone,
please find timetable for W/C 05.10.20
Mr Easter
Planning for W/C 12.10.20
Hi all
Please find planning for week 19.10.20
Descriptive writing =deep sea creature picture.....describe the animal using a wide range of vocabulary
Hello everyone,
Please find attached the calculation policy for years 5&6. Within this document you will find examples of how the teachers at Shortlanesend teach the core aspects of mathematics.
If you find yourself 'home schooling' please refer to the documents attached.
Many thanks
Mr Easter
Hello everyone.
I hope you have all enjoyed your half term break.
Please find planning for W/C 02.11.20
Hello everyone,
Please find the timetable and work for W/C 09.11.20
Kind regards,
Mr Easter
please find the work relating to W/C 16.11.20
Please find the work for week commencing 23.11.20
Hello everyone,
I hope you are safe and well.
During the last few months, I have been looking around for some career related books that the children at Shortlanesend and Class 5 could look at and become inspired in their outlook towards future careers and employment.
I came across a company called How2Become who are offering £300 worth of free career books, ranging from the Armed Forces to computer design and technology.
I have attached their website details should you wish to have a look but feel incredibly grateful for their 
Hi all
Planning for W/C 30.11.20