Science in Class 4 2018/2019

Science is a fantastic subject that brings together a whole host of different skills and aspects of learning, such as logical thinking, art, mathematics, writing and problem solving and questioning. This year the children will be learning a whole host of things:
Year 4- living things and their habitats, states of matter, sound, Animals, including humans and electricity
Year 5- living things and their habitats, animals including humans, properties and changes of materials, earth and space and forces.
During the first half term, both year 4 and 5 are learning about living things and their habitats.
Year 4 have been learning about MRS NERG (please ask your child to explain......hopefully they will be able to tell you!) and year 5 have been looking at flower reproduction and anatomy. In order to examine the flowers closely, all the children took part in a flower dissection- great fun!
Next week they will be producing a botanical illustration of their flower.
Art seems to be running through a lot of our subjects at the moment, no more than science, where this week the children have completed a 'joint' piece of art focused around an animal found in the Caribbean. The aim of the artwork was to get the children to really focus in on a certain aspect of their animal and then enlarge a section before bringing all of their pieces together in a 'collage'.
The results have been really good and interesting and have engaged the children not only in the drawing, but also how scientist illustrate and produce drawings of their own.
Great effort everyone!